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Types of Shipping Boxes

Five Panel Wrap:

This shipping box is ideal for cumbersome items used for outdoor sporting events. One piece of cardboard bends into five panels and is as versatile as it is durable. If you have an athlete in the family or need to transport long, awkward objects, this is a great box for shipping.

Full Overlap Box:

Resistant to rough handling, this style is similar to an RSC (Regular Slotted Carton); however, its flaps, which fully overlap each other when closed, are the same length as the width of the carton. The overlapping flaps provide a nice cushioning on the top & bottom.

Regular Slotted Carton:

This common box style contains flaps of equal length, with the outer flaps at one-half the carton’s width. This efficient design means that the flaps meet at the center of the box when folded, which allows for easy gluing or taping. Regular slotted cartons can be used for most products. A pad that serves as extra protection can be placed between the two inner flaps if the product requires a flat, even bottom surface.

Regular Slotted Container with Variable Flaps:

The Regular Slotted Container with Variable Flaps is similar to the regular slotted carton box, except the outer flaps overlap by an inch or more. The RSCVF style of box is used when the length of the box is considerably greater than the width. When the length of the box is longer than the width, there will be a greater distance between the flaps at each end. This makes it desirable to overlap the outer flaps to prevent them from spreading apart. Consumers can easily close the slotted container by stapling the overlapping flaps.

Half-slotted Box with Cover:

The half-slotted corrugated box with cover has a cover that is less than two-thirds of the depth of the body section. In instances where the box cover must be removed and replaced repeatedly, this style is perfect and easy. It has a dual purpose, serving as a shipping and as a storage container. The cover may be a design style or a half-slotted style.

Regular Slotted Container with Double Cover:

Mostly used for tall or large heavy items, this three-piece box is basically a four panel tube with side panels and two interchangeable trays that serve as the top and bottom of the box. The two transposable covers are shipped in flat pieces.


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