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Creative Ways to Use Cardboard Box Dividers

A corrugated or crenelated box divider is simply a ridged partition of varying sizes and colors that divides boxes into even sections for efficient storage. Box dividers can be all-purpose brown cardboard, or they can be colorful and artistic. Because of the versatility of design and variety of sizes and shapes, it is easy to think of “outside-of-the-box” uses for corrugated partitions and trays.

Box dividers are most commonly used to separate beverages and food-stuffs that would otherwise break if placed next to each other. The sturdy, ribbed cardboard offers a surprising amount of protection to glass containers and bottles. But there are many other uses for these affordable and handy containers that may surprise you.


When it comes to garages, most homeowners complain about too little space and too much clutter. Box trays and dividers can easily turn a chaotic mix of
nails, screws and tools into an organized handy man’s heaven. Smaller divided boxes can be used to categorize different brands of nails, screws, clips, tacks, sockets, wrenches and all other essential smaller items that would go in a standard toolbox. Use a box divider in the truck for an easy, on-the-go emergency tool kit.

Fishing and Camping:

Tackle boxes and camping equipment can get expensive, so if you want to have fun on a budget, a box with varied partitions is a perfect way to store all of
your gear. Since the cardboard dividers come in an array of colors, systemizing your tackle gear becomes easy to do. Use an additional cardboard box for
different kinds of bait; and since there are many eco-friendly boxes on the market, you won’t feel guilty about damaging your environment.

Office and Desk Storage:

Box trays come in many sizes and colors and can be used as pen or pencil holders, paper trays, collection boxes, and even file cabinets. There are also
colored file dividers made of the ridged cardboard which are great for easy organizing and long-term storage.

Inside the House:

You’ll mind an infinite amount of uses for divided boxes inside every room of your house.

  • The Pantry: use trays and dividers to store produce and to keep fruits and vegetables separate and organized. Larger trays are great for snack items, candy, and other goodies that kids can easily retrieve.
  • The Closet: Larger dividers are perfect closet organizers. Keep shoes, lingerie, socks, and accessories like scarves out of the way and off the floor.
  • The Bathroom: Colorful box dividers become a Shabby-Chic method of organizing cosmetics and hair accessories. Stack a narrow box against your bathroom wall or on top of the counter and watch as your counter-top clutter disappears. These boxes can also be used to store cleaning supplies, hair products, and even
    prescription medicines (keep all medicines out of reach of children).


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