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Understanding How To Store An Unopened Whiskey Box

whiskey box
Whether you are a connoisseur or not, chances are you want to know how best to store any unopened whisky. For many people, this liquor can be a pricey purchase or gift they want to save for a special occasion. But to preserve its flavor you need to be careful about how you stash it away.

It is important to first note that whisky does degrade with time once the bottle is opened. Exposure to light, temperature change, and oxygen will affect the liquor. This is why it is advisable to finish off a bottle within 2 months of having opened it. if you want to keep your whisky for longer, then you should not open it up but learn how to store it while unopened.

Keep It In The Whiskey Box

The two main enemies of whisky in an unopened bottle are light and temperature change. Keeping this liquor in the whisky box it came in is a good way to block out both these factors. Cardboard and wood are very good insulators as they do not easily conduct thermal energy. They are also opaque, thereby blocking out the light that may cause chemicals in the whiskey to react and possibly change its taste and become bitter. This problem is more pronounced when the liquor is exposed to natural light. Artificial lights are less of a problem but should still be avoided for the best results.

Keep The Whiskey Box Upright

There is a good reason your whisky bottle is never filled to the brim. The alcohol is quite harsh and can easily degrade the cork used to seal the bottle. Keeping the whisky box upright is a good way to preserve the space between the two and avoid the cork degrading. If it starts breaking down in the bottle it can alter the taste of the liquor and eventually let in oxygen. Oxidation can also change the taste of your whisky.

Keep It Cool

While whisky packaging is often made of good insulating materials like cardboard and wood, they still need a little extra help in preserving your liquor. Fluctuations in temperature can cause the glass of the bottle to expand and contract, compromising the sealing ability of the cork. Humidity on the outside may also damage the bottle labels which can disfigure the appearance of your bottle and cause it to lose value. Place your stock of unopened whisky bottles in a cool and stable environment. Basements and wine cellars are often good options.

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