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Ways to Reuse your Folding Boxes in Richmond BC

Folding Boxes in Richmond BC
The Canadian government has strictly implemented recycling throughout the country because it greatly affects not just our generation but the coming ones. As much of the products we have are packaged with recyclable material, it can be helpful if we do our part and help save the environment.

There are many folding boxes in Richmond, BC which most often are left in dumpsites and landfills. These discarded boxes should have had good use, aside from being a product container or something that temporarily housed an item from damage. They can be reused in a number of ways and folding packaging is one of the most versatile materials you can recycle. Here are some of the most common and creative uses of folding boxes.

All-Purpose Container

Unused folding packaging doesn’t have to sit around in your house until it becomes an annoyance that you throw it all away. Folding cartons can be used as an all-purpose storage box for your little items or household material that often lay around your house. It is a good container for washer fluids, small sponges, and other cleaning items or can be used as a container for essential tools like jumper cables, pliers, hammers, and various gadget or devise laying around.

Floor Guard and Protector

If you happen to have a business or lives in Richmond, BC and has a wooden floor with too many scratches because chairs and stools are constantly being dragged everywhere, then folding boxes in Richmond, BC can be a useful floor guard. You can simply trace the bottom part of each leg on the cardboard box and glue them securely to create a barrier between the floor and the chair’s legs. This is a simple solution to prevent your floors from incurring too many scratches.

Knee Pads

If you have an outside garden and you constantly find yourself kneeling on the ground to reach for small plants and flowers, you can use a piece of the folding packaging as a knee pad. Simply cut a panel and use it to as a knee cushion when you are doing your gardening activities. It can even be used as a weed control after you are done doing your gardening. Just scrape a few inches of topsoil from your plot, soak the cardboard in water, place the cardboard on top, and cover it with dirt.

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