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What Can I Use a Display Box For?

Display Box
Everyone has seen pop displays in North Vancouver BC. These are one of the most effective ways to display items free or purchase items as well and informational documents. There are multiple benefits to display boxes. For example, the eye-appeal of an individualized item as well as that item’s location within a store, business, or in public remove it from the mainstream and create an independent location. So, whether the product is located in a checkout lane, or conspicuously displayed on its own at the end of an aisle, display boxes are an excellent choice for bringing products or information into better view.

As a great option for display purposes, it’s no wonder you see them everywhere. Here are four popular types of items that sell well in display boxes.


Food items such as candy, granola bars, breath mints, and beef jerky are all popular food items found in display boxes. While they are frequently available in food aisles, they are most prominently displayed at the beginning of a check-out lane where customers will likely be standing and waiting to get through the line. As such, these items are also known as “impulse goods,” meaning that they are not intended purchases, but look good to a waiting customer.

Small Items

Small items with a lasting shelf-life are common impulse goods, but they don’t necessarily need to be food products. Consider things such as toys, lighters, baseball cards, pocketknives, or essentially anything that is useful or fun and can easily fit into your pocket. These display box items are useful, but seemingly lost when it comes to shopping lists or hidden among thousands of larger items.

Brochures and other Documents

Advertising and informational brochures are frequent display box items that you can find nearly anywhere. Most commonly you will find these types of display boxes at health centers, fitness clubs, and small businesses. The often advertise services or provide information for clients such as health brochures that provide information on diseases and medical disorders. You may also find these display boxes in a location promoting tourism.

Charitable Items

A display box is a common way to identify charitable organizations or donation locations. For example, charitable change-related donations such as a donation box, or even customized boxes which offer candy for a quarter. Charitable display boxes are commonly found in fast-food restaurants, and near cash registers in retail stores.

Pop displays in North Vancouver BC are a great way to sell, promote, or provide information. Using the right display box for your needs is profitable and important marketing tool to get your product or information to consumers.

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