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Why Offer Countertop Display Boxes to Retailers

countertop display
Countertop or counter display boxes are typically found around checkout areas. They offer brands a fantastic way of displaying their products and tempting shoppers to make a purchase. It is a promising idea to incorporate them as part of your marketing strategy, especially if your products are sold through retailers.
A display box is usually used for small retail items. They are customized in assorted styles, colors, sizes, and shapes, with the goal being to capture the attention of people and make them want to try the product. They need to be compact enough to accommodate a selection of the product and fit in with the limited counter space that shops offer. Here is why you should budget for their production and encourage retailers to display them well.

Display boxes encourages impulse buying

With times having become harder, people are striving to keep their shopping within budget, this makes them less likely to try new products and tend to be focused when they enter stores to get what is just on their shopping list and nothing else. This means displaying new products alongside the competition will result in shoppers quickly walking by to get what they usually do and head to the checkout. However, when you have display boxes next to the checkout, you can capitalize on this idle time to capture their attention and tempt them into picking out a sample of the product. That exposure to the display as they wait to check out is more likely to result in impulse buying which is a gateway that turns a prospective customer into a repeat one.

Display boxes capture attention

A display box is designed to capture the attention of customers. They are customized in diverse ways that will make them eye-catching and appealing. This is what drives impulse buying as it makes the shopper aware that this is a new product they have yet to try. Since the item sizes are small to fit in such displays, you will often find that this means the items are more affordably priced and thus more likely to encourage a customer to try it.

Neat display

When you have a customized display for your products, they are more elegantly presented. Having an organized display can help appeal to shoppers who tend to ignore items that have been haphazardly strewn about on a shelf. Keeping your products meticulously organized will more easily tempt shoppers to want to read what is written on the display about the product and reach out for it. Neat displays are better at capturing the attention of shoppers and making them want to engage with the product and information being shared.

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