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3 Reasons You Should Ship Electronics In Corrugated Containers

Corrugated Containers
Shipping electronics is particularly complicated when you factor in how varied in size these products can be and have a high value. They are made up of delicate parts and even slight damage to one component can render the whole device unusable. Hence why corrugated containers are considered the best option for safe shipping. When properly designed and fitted, they increase the chances that the device will arrive at its destination in good working condition.

Corrugate containers offer several benefits that make them ideal for use for this purpose. This is thanks to the thicker walls they offer than the basic cardboard options that come with just one layer of fluting.

1. Safety of corrugated containers

Corrugated cardboard containers are highly durable and strong, especially when they have more layers of fluting. The extra layers help to make this type of box more tear-resistant and able to withstand exposure to moisture from spills. They also provide superior cushioning that protects even delicate instruments from injury over long journeys.

During transit, packages are subject to vibrations, jerking, and other impacts that could easily damage their fragile components. When properly fitted to the box and inserts, the electronics that are packaged can be expected to remain stable no matter the distance traveled and level of handling endured.

2. Customization

As indicated, fitting matters. For an electronic to be properly secured in its corrugated container, the sizing has to be right. Too big and the device may end up rattling around in the box and bumping into the walls. Too small a box and the device may threaten to bust out of its confines, resulting in exposure and possible damage. Corrugated containers can be ordered to whatever specification, ensuring that the contents are kept safe and stable.

Businesses can also customize in terms of fluting. As mentioned, the more fluting in the construction of the box, the stronger it is. So for heavier electronics, there is a need for this customization to match the protection standard needed. Other customization in terms of printing and graphics can be used to help in branding.

3. Sustainability

A growing number of businesses are realizing that the choices they make can have a significant impact on the environment. When it comes to the product packaging for electronics, it is instinctual to want to use materials that offer the highest level of safety. However, such materials like wood, plastic, and metal are not only prohibitively expensive, their production and disposal are also often damaging to the environment. Corrugate containers are a safer solution as they can be reused, recycled, and manufactured using sustainable resources. They also offer a competitively high quality of safety when correctly fitted and constructed.

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