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Securing Documents In Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes
mailing tubes are essentially cardboard cylinders that can be used to send out documents and posters. They are a unique alternative to regular enveloped packaging and are especially popular where businesses want to run promotions or offer more aesthetically pleasing deliveries. They are also an ideal solution when the documents being sent are considered important and require extra protection.

The documents can be rolled rather than folded when being placed inside the shipping tubes. This helps keep them in a safe condition for the duration of the journey, without worry they might crease. The tube design also reduces the chances that something else will be placed on top of the documents. When the paperwork is in an envelope, it is more likely other packages may be placed on top. This can increase the prospects of the package being damaged.

No matter how secure the packaging you choose may feel, there are often some ways you can further reinforce to ensure better protection. This also applies to situations where emailing tubes are in use. Here are some tips to better secure this packaging.


Some designs of cardboard tubes make it possible for gaps or spaces to appear along the surface. This is especially common with spiral designs. When ignored, the spaces may open up further with handling. A simple solution lies in reinforcing and sealing these gaps with glue. This will limit the risk of the packaging coming undone or provide an entryway for pests or liquids that will damage the contents.

You can also consider reinforcing the bottom or either end of the tube. This can be helpful if the contents are particularly heavy and you think they might fall out of the tube. The glue will help reinforce these closures, improving the probability the package will arrive intact at its destination. Be sure to indicate which way is up or even indicate no stacking on the exterior as a reminder for careful handling.

Double Tubing

If you have mailing tubes of several sizes on hand and the documents are highly important, then you should consider double tubing. This means placing the documents in one tube and then placing that tube inside another tube of larger size. This will provide additional protection for your documents as any rough handling will likely only damage the outer tube. This can also be a good way to reuse older tubes.

Mailing Tubes with Filler

Even in shipping tubes, there is likely to be some empty space after packing. Adding filler is a good way to keep the contents of the tube stable. More so if the contents are heavy and likely to be injured if there is room left for them to rub against other surfaces.

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