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Custom Packaging Ideas for Shirts

custom packaging
?Custom packaging for shirts is a good idea if you are targeting the high-end market. Even with boutique stores that may still display their wares on racks and mannequins, the stock that customers end up buying will typically be in its own packaging.

If you are a shirt manufacturer, it can help to invest in customized packaging that will impress shoppers on sight, whether it is in a store or while online shopping. Nicely designed custom retail packaging gives clothing a more luxurious feel and will make it easier for them to gift wrap the item if it is being bought as a present for another person.

It is also a good way to protect the shirt from staining or other damage that may make it harder to appeal to shoppers. Most of this packaging can be made using lightweight materials like cardboard and paper which will not add much to the shipping cost either. Here are a few ideas on how to make this packaging more appealing and functional.

Custom Packaging Window Display Boxes

Custom window display boxes are a good option for high-end apparel as they allow for the contents within to be easily seen without opening the box. It is a wonderful way to present a gift item as the person gets to further anticipate the gift inside even after having torn off the wrapping. Always ensure that the shirt is properly folded and front-facing for an elegant look.

Telescopic Boxes

This is a good option for custom packaging as it is highly secure. Telescopic boxes are made from a mix of high-quality paperboard and grayboard that is recyclable and reusable. Though lightweight, they can also be easily stacked without fear they will damage those below. They can also be easily customized in terms of aesthetics and box dimensions.

Custom Retail Packaging Mailers

Consider paperboard or attire mailers. Similar in design to envelopes but more resilient, this is more flexible packaging that will make it easier to load a large number of shirts when shipping to retailers. They can also be made using recycled materials, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and let consumers know they are supporting a business that is committed to protecting the natural environment.
For more high-end shirts, it may be worthwhile opting for custom mailers or boxes with embellishments like lithographic prints. This will provide a more enjoyable unboxing experience and make the item received appear more luxurious. You can incorporate a variety of colors, prints, logos, and other design features to better market your brand to consumers.

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