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Ballet Box

Ballet box are used in a variety of places for all different types of products, such as consumer goods like cereal boxes, drink boxes and diaper boxes or for shipping and storage of products and items. Companies which need to store tax documents and other important papers away for the required holding period can use special designed boxes to hold these items and include on the outside the fiscal year and other information to make retrieval during an audit easier. Shipping boxes used to move goods from one place to another are another type of product which can be made into ballet box. Retail establishments which offer shipping of products or those which utilize the internet and an e-commerce site can have special designed boxes made which include their company name, logo, slogan, and other important information on the shipping box. While the box is in route to its destination, your company is freely advertised to anyone who comes into contact with the box.

Moving companies often provide people with ballet box in different shapes and sizes to pack up their homes when moving from one location to the next. These boxes are made of corrugated cardboard which can be reinforced to provide extra support for heavy items. Special inserts and packaging are available, such as foam padding or bubble wrap which people can use to wrap up breakable items, such a dishes and porcelain collectables. Display stands can be created out of ballet box for retail establishments which can be used as complete floor stands or counter top displays. This type of specialty box contains all the needed pieces to put the stand together as well as the products to stock the display. Since all items are contained in one box when shipped, it helps save money for retailers by having to order only one complete item, rather than having to order the display stand separately from the items. Companies which desire to include complete advertising materials, product information and samples of product can use ballet box for these types of materials. These types of boxes often include a counter top display to quickly set up and place the flyers without having to assemble a display wrack.

These types of boxes are often used for trade shows and conventions when there is limited booth space but the need to get advertising and product information into the hands of the consumers. Another type of custom box is called a specialty box, which is used for marketing purposes for new products and will contain samples of the product within the box. The outside of the box is often designed to include the product logo or image as well as company information. Companies looking for assistance with creating and designing ballet box can use Instabox,, which offers services in manufacturing customized materials, including boxes, in any shape or size desired. The company also provides customized shipping labels, tape, packaging materials, and custom designed cases. For additional information about available custom products, or to obtain a free quote, call 800-482-6173.

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