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Corrugated Display

Marketing departments for different companies all strive to achieve to drive sales through different marketing campaigns as well as by designing corrugated display to draw in consumers. The use of images, graphics and other design elements can result in a package which makes an impact when seen and attracts people to your products. The retail industry is full of competitors and being able to stand out from the rest is what makes products successful. Custom package has evolved to feature custom logos by companies, to quickly distinguish their products from a distance and consumes know, even without reading the package, all about the product. Packaging is used on products placed on retail establishment’s shelves and includes numerous products, including food items, soft drinks, shoes and electronic items. The packaging of these products is each unique as each competitor has their own design and logo printed on the item or the package.

Besides being used for retail establishments, corrugated display has other valuable uses, including creating custom shipping boxes, shipping tubes, specialty boxes, die-cut boxes, display stands, and counter top displays. Online retailers will take the time to create a custom box to ship their products to consumers, as a means of advertising and to help the recipient easily identify their order. These retailers will use different custom designs, form having a different colored box, custom printing, and even graphic designs. Custom display stands provide the ability for companies to create an all-in-one solution for their retail customers. This type of corrugated display can be designed to include all the materials needed to construct the display stand as well as the products to fill the stand upon completion all in one simple shipping container. This solution helps to save on shipping costs for retailers as it allows them to receive a customer display stand and product all in one order. Specialty boxes are another type of corrugated display which can be used at conventions, trade-shows and new product launches. This type of box is one where the company puts the featured product in the inside of the box, while the outside feature custom printed graphics, pictures, images and color being used to promote the product through advertisement.

Companies can have specialty boxes made in all different shapes and sizes to fit their products specifications. Die-cut boxes are another product which can use corrugated display options to create impact with customers. This type of boxes normally has tabs and inserts which fold into the front of the box when closed. When the box is opened, the top of the box is still attached and can have special graphics and design elements on the interior of the box along with the product. Corrugated display solutions are available from Instabox,, which offers customization of boxes, point of sale displays, cases, box dividers, and packaging supplies, such as tape. All custom boxes are made and manufactured in the United States and have designed products for many popular organizations. For additional information or assistance with customization services, call 1-800-482-6173.

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