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Benefits of Convoluted Foam Packaging

Convoluted foam packaging
When delivering a product to a customer, the intention is always to see it arrive in perfect condition. Not only does it ensure you fulfill your part of the contract as a seller, but it can also serve to make a good impression on the buyer and encourage them to buy more from you.

Damaged goods can cause all sorts of problems. The buyer may think you sent out defective goods deliberately. There is also the inconvenience of having to arrange for a return, replacement, or refund. All this can result in additional costs and possible loss of a sale. It is in the best interests of both parties that goods are delivered intact.

Convoluted foam packaging

Convoluted foam packaging is typically customized to fit the shape and delicacy of the product placed within. They offer several key benefits that far exceed whatever you will get out of ordinary cardboard packaging.

Absorbs Shock – This foam can absorb shocks well, ensuring that minimal damage is done to whatever delicate and lightweight objects are contained within. They offer excellent protection from bumps and falls.

Lightweight – Despite their often thick design that fills up the empty space in packaging, this foam is actually quite lightweight. This is a big concern for businesses that have to account for shipping costs.

Customization – Foam inserts can be customized not just in terms of design and thickness, but also in color. You can choose to use your corporate or other colors that support your brand image or is best suited to the type of product. Either way, it can provide a wonderful unboxing experience for buyers.

Abrasion Protection – With some very delicate items, there is a concern that conforming packaging may bruise or prove abrasive. Convoluted foam inserts and corner protectors do not cause any such damage. They are rigid yet smooth enough to ensure no such harm comes to the contents of the box.

Anti-Static – Electronics come with construction that makes them vulnerable to shock damage and environmental contaminants like dust. Anti-static foam offers excellent barrier protection against this during transportation and storage.

Affordability – Foam packaging is surprisingly affordable. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to customize and transport with the cost savings often passed on to customers of packaging suppliers.

Prestige – The use of foam in packaging is often well received by consumers. It demonstrates a desire to safeguard the product that is often appreciated. It establishes trust with the seller, with the buyer safe in the knowledge that subsequent orders will also likely be well secured for delivery.

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