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The Advantages of Using Large Shipping Boxes

Packing becomes an art, especially when you have to pack unusual shaped or extremely big items. If the items do not fit neatly into a conventional box, then you are going to have to consider the best way to pack these items. They must not only fit into the boxes available, but they must also be packed securely enough to arrive in one piece. Sometimes when the package has to arrive in another part of the world, they have to be packed securely enough to handle days of travelling and rough handling as well. You never know just how carefully your large shipping boxes will be handled and you can take it for granted, even if you label it as “fragile” it can get dropped.

Using boxes wisely

There is no real formula as to how you should pack unusual items, but if they are big and heavy, try packing them with large shipping boxes. When the boxes are large enough, they can handle just about any kind of shape and will also prevent unnecessary movement. You can fill in the empty spaces by putting in Styrofoam peanuts or foam-in-place into the box, which will not only keep them secure but also prevent them from breaking. Make sure you use the right insert material for the job. Sometimes, specific insert materials can become a liability rather than a benefit, especially when used for regular shapes. So research your products and the types of packaging that they require or ask the opinion of packaging experts.

When to use small boxes

You can put small shipping boxes inside larger ones when you want to ship various items together. Also, you can use small boxes when you want to ship a lot of small things and use dividers when you are packing a variety of products. This way your customer is easily able to sort them and your products will be protected from damage that may be caused additional products within the box.

Packing is only the first step

The materials have to be durable and strong enough to protect the contents. Whether you use small shipping boxes or large ones, it does not matter as long as you seal them securely using tape and wrapping materials. That does not mean that the size does not matter, but when you do not seal them properly, all your efforts will be wasted.


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