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Benefits Of Using Custom Cardboard Boxes For Watches

custom cardboard boxes
When buying a watch, it is common practice to have it packaged in a box. Manufacturers have different materials they can use for this presentation. However, custom cardboard boxes are increasingly becoming the norm as they offer several key benefits not to be missed out on.


Despite being lightweight, cardboard material does manage to offer good protection for the contents placed within. It is sturdy and durable, allowing for watches placed inside to remain safe despite even rough handling. It is however important to keep such small items as watches stable by incorporating inserts for use in the interior. This helps keep the watch in a fixed position within the custom cardboard box and ensures its delicate design is better protected.

Other customizations can also be used to waterproof boxes, adding another form of protection for delicate instruments. The durability of these boxes is also helpful to buyers who want to retain them for ongoing storage of the watches in their collection.

Visual Appeal

Watches are not just functional timepieces. They are also fashion accessories and their aesthetic matters to buyers. Custom cardboard boxes are highly versatile in that they can be designed in various ways to appeal to buyers. They can be imprinted in many colors and patterns to help distinguish brands or make them more visually appealing.

The boxes can also incorporate windows that allow the buyer to get a good view of the product within. Die cuts, lamination, and foil are a few of the other materials that can be used to further customize these boxes to make them more attractive.

Versatility of Custom Cardboard Boxes

A custom cardboard box can be designed in many ways beyond just surface appearances. You can have them made to a variety of specifications that would allow them more easily used for long-term storage or display of contents. For instance, you can have them designed to package and deliver a single watch, or to keep a watch with detachable accessories like the bands and case. This would require different dimensions for each box. There is much flexibility of design accorded by cardboard material that makes it suitable no matter what type of watch is on offer.

The designs can also be mixed with other materials to achieve a more suitable aesthetic for the product. For instance, with rugged watches targeted at outdoor adventurers, you will often find plastics and wood features added to the box. Meanwhile, luxury timepieces may have velvet materials used to line the inserts for a more high-end feel.

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