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The All-Purpose Cardboard Shipping Box

Have you ever wondered what to do with shipping boxes that inevitably collect dust in your garage after Christmas? Many people shudder at the thought of simply throwing away so much paper, but never fear – before you dispose your extra boxes, try using them for reasons other than shipping or storage.

A Makeshift Tray:

The lids of heavy-duty boxes are perfect substitutes for trays. Simply put, lids can hold
almost anything! For instance, teachers can use lids to collect papers and projects. Lids are also commonly used in office mailrooms to organize items like mail, note cards, surveys, and other forms that employees may need in a pinch. Lids can even work well as casual serving trays; so before you spend more money on expensive plastic or glass dishes, consider using a sturdy cardboard lid for your next cookout or party.

Art Projects:

The cardboard material from boxes can be used in a myriad of ways for art projects, and it’s a lot more affordable than buying new materials from a craft
store. The standard art supplies used in projects include poster board, foam, glue, containers, and decorative adhesives. Buying all of these supplies for a project can cost a lot of money! Foam shapes range from $3 to $15 a piece depending on size, and poster board can cost over $3 per piece. Instead of spending your money, consider cutting out sections of boxes and using flat portions as posters and lidded, lined portions for a 3D effect. Cardboard is easy to decorate, and some shipping boxes even come with their own unique designs on them.

A Practical Use:

Homeowners and teachers can use the lids and flat sections of cardboard to help keep their classroom or house clean. For an art class, lids can be used as pallets to arrange paint or as paintbrush holders. Plus, the cardboard from boxes can be cut flat and placed on the floor to protect it from paint and other art supplies.

Additionally, boxes for shipping can be used to keep your puppy from wreaking havoc around the house. Anyone who has owned a dog knows that training them to “wait” until they go outside to do their business is tough, but lids from large heavy-duty boxes can help protect your floor and carpet. Just place some newspaper inside the lid and train your puppy to use the board in an emergency. Cardboard boxes are also easily disposable, and with many eco-friendly options, you can even help your environment while you train your dog.


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