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Unique Ideas for Reusing Your Cardboard Shipping Tubes

If you received an item in the mail that was sent in a mailing tube, you may be wondering what you can do to recycle the container. While reusing it when you have another paper item to send out may be an option, there are a variety of other unique ideas for how you can reuse shipping tubes.

Make Your Own Fire Starters

Instead of spending your money on chemically-treated fireplace blocks, consider recycling your cardboard tubes to make your own fire starters. Smaller cardboard tubes might be a better option for this activity than thick mailing tubes, and they can be made by stuffing old newspaper into one end. Then, place small twigs and dried leaves in the other end. To use this item, place it under your fuel wood and then light the end with the newspaper.

Create a Bird Feeder

If you enjoy watching wild birds, you can use an old cardboard tube to make a custom bird feeder. Make a hole in one of the ends and attach a string to it so that you can hang it from a tree branch. Then, coat the outside portion with peanut butter and roll it in bird seed before hanging.

Organize Your Christmas Lights

Instead of rolling up your Christmas lights and then fighting to untangle them next year, use your left over shipping tubes to keep them organized. Roll the lights up and then place them in a tube, and you will have less of a hassle next year.

Store Knitting Supplies

People who knit or crochet know how annoying it can be to deal with strings that have become interlaced and knotted. Fortunately, by using paper tubes wisely, you can store these strings so that they are always ready-to-use. Simply wrap the strings around the tube and then secure the end in a slit that you cut at the base. You can also store your knitting needles in your extra cardboard tubes, and this can help you to keep the organized and secure.

Create a Boot Tree

If you find it annoying to line up your long boots in your closet only to have them flop over, reusing cardboard tubes may be a great option for you. By cutting the tubes to the necessary length and sticking them into the boots, you can help your boots to stand up straight and to retain their shape until you need to wear them again.


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