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The Many Perks of Edge and Corner Protectors

Corner protectors are often used in packaging, but they have a variety of other characteristics and uses that make them beneficial for each stage of the shipping process. Not only do edge protectors allow you to safeguard the item that you are packing, but they also have other benefits. Edge and corner protectors offer a variety of advantages, making them a top packaging option.

Damage Prevention

Cardboard edge and corner protectors are extremely helpful in preventing damage when your materials are handled. The unique design of these items makes this possible, as they consist of corrugated layers that are folded multiple times to form right angles. This triple protection provides a vital role in minimizing the possibility of damage when items are being handled.

Stacking Strength

Edge protectors have immense stacking strength, and this allows them to be useful in both transport and storage. They allow for vertical strength so that multi-level stacking is an option in warehouses. This can help you to take better advantage of your space, and it can ultimately help you to save money.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of cardboard box partitions and edge and corner protectors create raw material reduction, as they will only protect the edges that are most easily damaged. This requires less material than more excessive solutions that are needed to protect or wrap an entire product. Additionally, many edge protectors are made out of recyclable materials, and this can further reduce the negative impact that these packaging solutions have on the environment.

Vertical Protection

Edge protectors can help to stabilize pallets in a warehouse facility, and this vertical protection is essential during warehousing and transport. The strength of each package can also be improved when boxes are reinforced internally with the use of edge and corner protectors.

Varied Uses

Edge protectors can be used to protect a variety of items during packaging and transport. They are great for fragile items like artwork and mirrors, but they can also be used to protect the corners of furniture items to minimize chips and scratches. They can also be customized in order to meet the needs of items of varied sizes.

If you are in need of customizable edge and corner protectors to keep your products safe during transport, contact us at Instabox. We can help you to find the items you need to ensure your goods reach their final destination, intact.


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