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Filament Tape – Packing Supply Spotlight

Filament tape, sometimes called strapping tape or paper gummed tape, is a tape that is sensitive to pressure. It can be used for a variety of packaging functions, including reinforcing packages, closing boxes, and bundling items. This tape was invented by Cyrus W. Bemmels in 1946, while he was working as a scientist for Johnson and Johnson. There are several varieties, and some can even have up to 600 pounds of strength per inch, while others have different adhesive grades.

Filament Tape Uses and Applications

Filament tape is the option that is most commonly used to close corrugated boxes, including:

  • Five panel folders
  • Full overlap boxes
  • Full telescope boxes

Boxes that are extremely heavy or constructed poorly may also benefit from the use of filament tape. It can be applied with a stationary dispenser manually, but a handheld dispenser is used more commonly. The use of these tools can help to place the tape on a box more efficiently, and it also helps with cutting and rubbing it down. In larger business operations, automated machinery can also be used for tape application, as this type of equipment can apply it in high speed lines.

Packaging Supplies Related to Filament Tape

In addition to filament tape, there are a variety of other options for securing packages.

  • Polypropylene Strapping Tape. Polypropylene strapping tapes are known for having a strong backing with a rubber adhesive system. They are most commonly used for the purpose of palletizing cartons, and when used correctly, the tape should shrink around the box in order to hold them in tightly. This type of tape will allow for shifting of a load without snapping, and it was the foundation to stretch film, which is now used for pallet wrapping.
  • Stretch Film. Stretch film originated from filament tape, and it is clear and does not have an adhesive. Typically, this film is used to wrap pallets containing cartons in order to hold them together tightly. It consists of resin, and the cost will fluctuate.
  • Other Banding Materials. Banding materials are used for bundling and packing, and they can be applied to a variety of different objects. There are also machines available that can control tension in order to ensure that items are secure.

If you need help choosing a filament tape or another packaging accessory, please contact our experienced professionals at Instabox for assistance.


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