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Choosing the Right Printed Folding Cartons

printed folding cartons
When marketing your products one important thing to look at is the packaging.  The design of your packaging serves many purposes. It can serve a promotional role, safety role, aesthetic role, or even space ergonomics on the shelves.  You can design cartons that help effectively showcase your brand or offer extra protection for fragile products. While there are various ways to can package your product, a convenient one is a folding carton. Printed folding cartons ensure great customizability in terms of showing off your brand. In order to properly choose an appropriate carton, you may want to consider these things:

Your Packaging Goals 

Different packaging cartons are designed for different situations. Whether you will be packing consumer electronics, beauty products, beverages, food, and something else, there are many choices tailored to your needs. The most important thing is to select packaging that fits your specific situation. To pair your products with the perfect packaging solution, you need to consider how your products are manufactured, shipped, and presented. Products produced with automated assistance and those produced by hand may require different packaging solutions. How you want the products to be presented on the shelves is another factor to look at.

How Products Will Appear on Shelves 

Your vision for the presentation of the products on the shelf will affect the packaging design. Maybe, you want the products to be positioned in a way that allows maximum messaging or carton aesthetics and brand. You may also want to maximize the number of cartons per square inch or you want the package to emphasize the products’ visibility. All these are things you need to consider when designing your packaging. Will your customers want to hold the product, try it, or see it through the carton? It is crucial you give thought to the way consumers are going to interact with your products when placed in stores.

Fragility of the Products 

When shipping and distributing your products, you need to keep in mind the breakability and penetrability of the products. You need to ensure that your product is properly secured in place inside the carton. The cartons may require shrink wrapping, inlays, or inserts. Look at your product as a whole and how customers handle it when shopping or how shipping companies place them in the consignment.  Can consumers toss the products into their cart beneath other items they are purchasing? The carton should be firm enough to allow secure shipping and handling. When you look at these things, you can have a list of priorities for the product packaging. You will have a folding carton in Victoria, BC that is not only intuitively designed but also highly functional to ensure your products stay safe and you promote your brand effectively on the shelves. You will also get cartons that allow customers to see the products while in the box if they need to do so. The design of the boxes plays a crucial role in marketing your products and in securing them when being shipped or distributed to retailers.

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