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Ways Corrugated Packaging Can Increase Your Sales

corrugated packaging
Corrugated cartons are made using cardboard, but they are much stronger when compared to typical cardboard boxes. They have three layers – one that is the inside liner, a second which forms the outside layer, and a third one that comprising fluting with a ruffled look that runs in between the other two layers. It’s this construction that gives corrugated cardboard boxes more strength. In addition, these boxes are less likely to break or tear in transit, have a higher strength-to-weight ratio, and suited for heavier items. They can provide a certain degree of cushioning.  Having said that, what the ways these corrugated packaging can increase your sales?

Supports Preservation and Protection

It’s likely that you ordered a product and by the time it arrived, it was damaged or partially broken, or worse – unusable.  Packaging boxes can determine how safely and securely your products are shipped to customers or retailers. If you have an entire shipment of products being damaged while on transit or being shipped, it can be disastrous to your business. You could lose thousands of dollars due to damages.

When you use corrugated boxes to ship your products, you have peace of mind because you know that the boxes will withstand the rigors of shipping. The boxes are not only designed to protect the products inside, but also stand the knocks, beatings, and smashes while in transit. The boxes help increase sales by allowing you to get your products to more people in great condition. If you are shipping comestibles like fruits and vegetables, the boxes help preserve the appearance, aroma, freshness, and taste of the produce than plastic does.  They also lead to a lengthened shelf life of the produce.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction from Design

Corrugated cartons offer flexibility in design allowing businesses to create packaging that delight consumers the moment they get their package. From removable coasters to die-cut windows as well as patterns, corrugated cartons offer design flexibility. ?Engaging, custom-made cartons can create excitement for the consumer when they open their products. The cartons can be printed to visually grab the attention of the customers. If your customers are impressed with the carton design, it can help in pushing the sale of your products.

They would want to continue using the products because there is an emotional attachment which is created by the design of the carton. It might not be the best product, but the design elements lure customers to prefer the product over those of your competitors. This way, the cartons are able to drive more sales of your product.

Shows You’re Environmentally Conscious

Customers want to relate to companies and brands that are conscious of the environment. Using corrugated boxes to package products helps communicate to customers your commitment to protecting the environment. It helps create a positive impression in the minds of customers, something that influences their buying behavior. You may be surprised that customers are buying your products simply because you have shown that you care about the environment.

These boxes offer a sustainable packaging solution to companies. Consumers can easily recycle the boxes or fold them up and store them for future use. These are some of the ways in which companies can increase their sales by using corrugated cardboard in Nanaimo, BC.  Brands need to realize that the buying behavior of consumers can be influenced by the little things they overlook. You may not think that a packaging solution can make your product be purchased more than others. However, when you critically examine what things foster product sales, you will find that packaging comes on the list.

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