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Common Types of Shipping Tubes in Kelowna B.C.

Shipping Tubes in Kelowna B.C.
A shipping tube is a cylindrical-shaped packaging material used to ship rolled items like paintings, essential documents, brochures, and long objects like a fishing rod. It is more commonly used by shipping companies when handling things that are often susceptible to water and human grasps during shipment.

Shipping tubes are not only a good packaging solution for tubular and sensitive materials, but they can also be recycled to help organize some of your typical household stuff. It recyclability makes it an ideal packaging material providing both protection and versatility of use. Not known by many, but shipping tubes in Kelowna BC also come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the application.

Shipping tubes you’d commonly find in Kelowna, B.C.

Round Mailing Tubes – Round mailing tubes are the standard tubular-shaped material you’ve probably been given when sending a blueprint or poster. They are commonly constructed using the spiral-wound method to make them survive the typical challenges of shipping. White and kraft mailing tubes are more widely used, but custom tubes with various colors are readily available for a personalized shipment.

Square Mailing Tubes – Square mailing tubes come out of the ordinary because they are tubular shipping boxes with the length of the shipped object. Documents, brochures, or invitations are still rolled to fit, but they do not conform to the packaging material. A square mailing tube has openings at both ends making insertion and content removal easier.

Telescopic Mailing Tubes – The telescopic mailing tube is one of the most versatile shipping tubes in Kelowna, BC because it expands itself in length. They are constructed using the spiral-wound technique and provides the same level of protection as the conventional rounded mailing tube. Your items can be sealed by sliding the end caps over the tube end.

When do you need a shipping tube?

Shipping items come in many different shapes and sizes, and this is what a mailing tube tries to address. Documents can be shipped on a square box, but they would take too much space on a vehicle. The tubular shaped packaging material is easy to identify and is made from sturdy cardboard material to provide the needed protection.

Most items also do not conform to the traditional boxes we have because they either take too much space or do not provide the necessary protection you would expect. Custom tubes are far better packaging materials for items that are long, cylindrical-shaped, or can be rolled into a neat file without being crumpled.

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