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Using Large Boxes for Shipping

boxes for shipping
Not all boxes are created equal, and not everyone understands that a moving box and a shipping box has several differences. Most people are looking for a packing material just directly go for any type of container without realizing how it can protect their belongings. While both boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, their thickness and solidity vary.

Standard large moving boxes are generally used by moving companies and storage facilities. They are ideal for packing or shipping products to stores and groceries but are not as strong as large shipping boxes. They usually have a pre-cut handle for ease of movement and has to be transported upright because small items can escape.

Knowing a box’s strength just by looking at it

Most boxes have a look and feel that easily allow you to distinguish their strength capacity. Because corrugated cardboard boxes almost always look the same, there are ways to test whether they can provide the protection you need when moving your items.

The packaging industry has a test and analysis process for corrugated boxes called the three-point bending and evaluation. This test allows you to analyze how stiff the material is and whether it can be used for the purpose you have. Large shipping boxes with a bending stiffness that cannot be easily crimped or curled are definitely stronger than one which can be easily folded.

Analyzing the traverse shear stiffness of a box also allows you to gauge its rigidity and hold. The stiffness of each section and the bending ability of the box are crucial points to consider when looking for the appropriate box you need.

Large shipping boxes have better strength capacity

Though the words moving and shipping are often intertwined together, there also is a difference between the two. “Moving” involves getting a product or item to a particular destination while “shipping” involves long distances and are often met with unpredictable circumstances. Boxes for shipping are ideally used for protecting your valuables because they are sturdy enough to withstand long hauls, moves, and transfers.

Corrugated boxes are commonly customized, so you need to figure out what type of box suits your purpose. Thicker board grades provide ample amounts of protection and are an excellent option when shipping materials. The good thing about cardboard boxes is the availability of different styles to suit your needs. You just have to determine how the box will be used so you can choose the best one for your needs.

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