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Consider the Eco-Friendly Packaging Mindset

eco-friendly packaging
As your company grows into a new cleaner and greener world it’s likely that you will be looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and do a little more to improve the planet.

One place to start is with eco-friendly packaging. After all, beyond your product, one of the most often used things in a work environment are packaging boxes. All of your products come in packaged, and any products sent out are likely packaged. Over time, that can lead to a lot of waste. So, let’s look at how a packaging company can help you focus on reducing your carbon footprint.

Protects Natural Resources

When you see a corrugated box sitting in your office you likely aren’t thinking about the natural resources that are impacted in making that box. However, the creation of a corrugated box can have a big impact on local and regional natural resources. For example, most packaging is made from trees. The equipment used to cut down trees creates both noise and environmental pollution. In addition, tree removal displaces animals, can result in waterway changes, and affects overall ecosystems.

Most Eco-friendly packaging can be recycled or reused after its first use enabling companies to preserve the forests rather than cutting them down.

Reduces Energy

An Eco-friendly packaging mindset means that a packaging company can help you to create packaging that is conducive to your business needs as well as the environment. One way to do this is to have custom packaging that is deliberately designed to fit more product per shipment. That means instead of your customers receiving a single shoe box inside of a much larger box filled with packing supplies, your packaging can fit the product. Due to the logistics involved in packaging from the production line to customer arrival this is a great way to reduce energy consumption.

Stimulates Innovation

Innovation drives success. When it comes to eco-friendly packaging this means biodegradable packaging, less carbon-rich shipping transactions, and how you are shipping. While plastic peanuts and bubble wrap are still popular, options such as recycled packing paper, plant-based peanuts, and bioplastics are unique ways to show your customers you care about your product and the environment.

As we move into a greener world your company’s growth will be affected by its carbon footprint. Much of this has to do with the packaging company you work with as well as developing an eco-friendly packaging mindset that incorporates innovative ways to package, ship, and recycle what has already been created.

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