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Reasons You Should Consider a Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box
Whether your business has fewer than a dozen employees or is growing with hundreds of employees creating a custom ballot box in Surrey BC may have more benefits than you think. A custom ballot box is a visual display often seen at events as well as retail stores. Ballot boxes can sit discreetly on a table or at a register or can stand prominently set-up in a tent display or aisleway.  While you have seen them, and likely been drawn to them, do you know how impactful they can be to your company?

Here are 3 reasons to consider a ballot or suggestion box.

Provides great visual advertising

One of the biggest benefits to creating a custom ballot box in Surrey BC is that your design, logo, and business’s color schemes are prominently located throughout the box. After all, when you go to a store, restaurant, or event and see one of these boxes there is a good chance that you will know exactly which ballot box is for which company. Visuals are important to product branding and being able to catch an eye with a giveaway and your prominent brand can be indispensable to bringing in new clientele.

Everyone wants a chance to win

If you’re like everyone else who’s passed a ballot box in Surrey BC, you’ve had that nagging feeling to sign up for a new vehicle, a year’s supply of groceries, or a free vacation. Ballot boxes give everyone the chance to win something they may not otherwise be able to afford. Much like the power of visual advertising, your give away brings potential customers directly to your company.

Suggestions really do matter

From a small company to a large one a suggestion box helps to improve the way a company works and grows throughout its life. However, as companies grow the ability for employees to provide valuable suggestions or criticism seems to lessen. This can be for several reasons: it’s uncomfortable to provide critical feedback, employees and leaders may be too busy to talk, and an employee’s hours may not align with HR or leadership. Providing a clear area for a person to jot a note and drop it in a box helps employees feel invested in a company’s decisions.

Sometimes it is the simple things that help to grow a company. From a suggestion box that enables employees to quickly jot down ideas to a ballot box which not only brings potential customers to you, but also provides a visual reminder of your brand the benefits of a ballot box in Surrey BC can provide big returns with little cost.

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