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Corner Protectors & Corrugated Partitions

There is a simple art to protecting your shipment and storage. With proper inserts, your units are stable, sustained and undamaged. The items atop are used and occupied. The items above are just as stable as the items below. With a little preparation, even the exterior sharp corners of each box are protected.

First off, protect those corners. Just as much as we tend to hit ourselves on the corner of a piece of furniture, corners themselves need protection. The geometric discontinuities of a sharp corner causes an increase in the intensity of a stress field. In other words, corners tend to have a higher traffic; a higher stress concentration. To protect the edge of each box, integrate corner protectors.

An edge protector or corner protector can be used inside or outside containers. It can be used with a stretch wrap to protect products in storage and during shipping. Corner protectors stabilize stretch-wrapped loads or strapped loads. Just by placing corner protectors on the edge of your multiple boxes, you have given additional support to double-stacking pallets. They also prevent the load from shifting, while simultaneously protecting the corner.

Foam corner protectors can be more specific to each product. For instance, a picture frame requires a smaller triangular protection, perfectly fitted on each corner edge. A foam corner protector provides a durable shock barrier between inner and master cartons. Or choose a sheet foam protector as a full surface shield.

Second, keep the fragile items protected. A simple trick to keep them in one piece is to insert a corrugated partition into a larger box. These cross intersection, tic-tac-toe corrugated partitions keep these fragile items cradled, safe and undamaged. Implement these cardboard box partition for items such as wine or glass jars. The cardboard box partitions become perfect individual cells, an awesome solution to restrict movement and shield delicate products.

Third, do not allow the multiple boxes that are stacked on top of each other lean like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Make sure each weight of the interior items are evenly distributed. A unitized, even weight distribution will centralize and stabilize the entire stack as one unit. The weight is consistent, and therefore the pressures are also steady.

Continue this steady weight distribution by inserting chipboard partitions or fiber partitions in between the boxes. The weight of each level of boxes are evenly distributed onto the chipboard partitions, creating a firm foundation. The chipboard dividers alleviate the possible uneven weight, keeping the boxes underneath protected with a less chance of damage.


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