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Corrugated Carton

No matter your business or product, you need every advantage over your competition that you can possibly get. Customers are scarce for most products today which means you need to advertise yours as much as possible. Using corrugated carton can mean getting your product and your company name in front of more potential customers as your products are shipped. It also helps to imprint the name of your company and type of product you sell in the mind of your current customers. There are many reasons to consider using corrugated carton for your company and some reminders to consider when choosing these boxes. Anyone can pick out plain cardboard boxes and have their name stamped on the sides, but this may not do much to impress potential customers that see those boxes. To use corrugated carton to your advantage, you need to consider the type of printing they should have and how it should appear. To choose the best corrugated carton for your product and your company, consider a few simple tips and pointers. This will ensure you’re using them properly for your advantage.

Advertising your product.

Name recognition is key to sales, and you need to ensure that customers and potential customers recognize your product and your company quickly and easily. Your corrugated carton should do this with your logo or slogan and with pictures of your product if appropriate. Sometimes even certain colors can make customers thinks of certain products, and these colors should be the same as your logo colors or colors of wrappers you use for your product. Never choose corrugated carton that just have plain lettering on plain boxes as this doesn’t help to catch anyone’s eyes and doesn’t imprint your name or slogan in their minds.Remember that your end customers are not the only ones to see your corrugated carton during shipping. There are any other number of persons that will see those boxes, and this is doubly true if you use them as display boxes and not just for shipping. Being able to use your corrugated carton for shipping and for display may also encourage retailers to use your product more often since it means less work for them to stock their shelves.

Choosing a supplier.

You don’t want to choose your corrugated carton from just any supplier as you may not be able to save the most amount of money this way. Buying them from the same retailer from which you purchase your office supplies or other shipping supplies may mean overpaying. You may also be limited in what you can have printed. Instead, choose a company that specializes in corrugated carton for shipping and display. This will mean more choices when it comes to size and shape, and will also mean saving money since they typically offer a discount on corrugated carton more so than office supply stores or shipping supply retailers.

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