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Custom Box Build

Boxes come in all different shapes and sizes which are used for a variety of purposes. People use boxes to store away items when they are not needed, such as seasonal decorations and keep sakes. People use boxes for moving from one residence to another to pack up household items, which are loaded into a truck and moved to the new location. Moving boxes need to be constructed well in order to protect the contents from being damaged. Boxes offered by moving companies are often custom box build which features the moving companies name as well as directions and suggested usages for the different size boxes. Custom box build used for moving are available in different sizes to fit the types of items being packed up and include small, medium and large boxes. Items which can make the weight of the boxes heavy, such as books, should be backed into small moving boxes in order to prevent the bottoms from breaking and to not become so overweighed they are difficult to move.

Companies and organizations of all sizes often have custom box build created and manufactured by an outside firm, such as Instabox, The customization services offered by Instabox can include assistance with creating a custom box which includes corporate logos, slogan, and images or graphics. The boxes can be used for shipping merchandise to consumers or for other purposes, such a display stands, or specialty boxes for use at trade shows and conventions. When a company has a new product release, the use of specialty boxes, which are custom box build, can be used to pass out product information and free samples of the new product. These specialty boxes can be designed to fit the new product being marketed to consumers in any shape or size, in order to increase product awareness and generate sales. Instabox provides other services in addition to custom box build, such as offering custom cases which can be made of soft materials and hard plastics, packaging supplies, and box dividers.

Packaging supplies, such as packing tape, can be customized with special instructions, company name, web site address, or other information all on the tape. Other custom packaging supplies offered include custom labels, custom foam inserts, and custom printed bags. Instabox has provided custom made solutions, including custom box build for many brand name and popular companies including The Discovery Channel, National Geographic,, Disney on Ice, Jockey Underwear, and the Coors Brewing Company. Some of these customers had special demands for the type of custom box needed and Instabox was able to complete the projects as requested. All orders are custom fabricated based upon the customers design specifications with the ability to have design samples created prior to placing an order. Instabox specializes in small orders and large batch orders are not necessary with most projects averaging quantities around 250 pieces and is able to also provide large batch orders for companies needing large quantities. For further information about custom box build or to receive a free quote, call 800-482-6173.

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