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Corrugated Cartons: Which is best for you?

Corrugated Cartons
Corrugated boxes are made of two sheets of liner paper that are segregated by a fluted layer which, based on the size of the flute, helps to determine the carton’s strength. As fluted layers differ due to size, so does the wall of your corrugated cartons.

Determining whether single layer or double layer corrugated cartons is best for you depends mostly upon what you are shipping. Though, other factors such as packaging, storage, and movement are also considered. Yet, when it comes down to it, you need corrugated cartons that have the strength and durability appropriate for your shipping needs.

Let’s look at the two options:

Single layer corrugated cartons

Single-layer boxes use only one layer of fluting which can vary in size, often using A, B, C, and E. Single-layer is the most widely used corrugated boxes in Vancouver BC for shipping and e-commerce. This is because single-layer boxes are inexpensive providing small businesses and large industries an affordable way to stock up on shipping cartons. They also help manage fluctuation in temperatures to not affect your product, provide a degree of crush protection as well as rigidity.

When using a single-layer corrugated cartons the most important thing to consider is the flute size and how that affects your shipping needs. For example, smaller flutes provide more crush resistance while larger flutes provide better shock absorption and protection. Since many single-layer corrugated cartons carry lighter items than double-layer, the shipping of these cartons may actually experience more abuse, bumps, and bruises during transportation.

Double-layer corrugated cartons

Double-layer corrugated boxes in Vancouver BC use two layers of fluting. The obvious benefit is that two layers provide more strength, durability, and protection for your heavy loads. Though, an additional benefit to double-layer corrugated cartons is in the utilization of two different flute sizes to provide the benefits of each. So, while one layer may provide better crush resistance, the other layer can provide additional shock absorption and protection.

Double-layer corrugated cartons can be made of two different flute layers as previously mentioned, or simply use two layers of B or C fluting. Double-layer boxes provide greater protection, but due to their rigidity they are also a favorable choice for long-term storage as they protect better against environmental factors.

So, which option is better for your shipping needs?

Single layer corrugated cartons are a great option when shipping smaller and lighter weight products and are budget friendly. Double-layer corrugated cartons may cost more but can also handle heavy items meant for long-term storage and transportation.

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