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Custom Box Design Essential Tips

Custom mailer box
There are many good reasons to create a custom box design. Custom boxes are uniquely configured to perfectly match the size and shape of your products. This ensures better protection for your products as they are packaged in boxes that conform better with the item than any standard-sized box. This is especially true when you make use of custom cardboard cutouts and inserts. With better protection for products, you are assured they are more likely to arrive at vendors or end clients in a safe condition. This reduces the risk of returns being made or replacements being demanded.

Custom designs also ensure optimal use of packaging material, which can save the business money and is beneficial to the environment. They also allow for greater opportunities to promote your brand and set it apart from the competition. With a good custom box design, you can market your brand and products more strongly and provide your clients with a more exciting unboxing experience.

When developing this custom design, there are three key factors you should consider.

Custom box design dimensions

Boxes can come in all sizes and shapes. Cardboard is a versatile material that can be customized to whatever specification. With a custom design, you can ensure that the box is a good fit for the product. The box should not be undersized to avoid the threat of the contents bursting out. Neither should it be oversized to allow the contents to rattle around inside. A snug fit, supported by such extras as inserts or fillers is ideal.

Custom box design weight

When customizing a box, you need to ensure it will be strong enough to support the weight of the product. Boxes for heavier items will require thicker walls. More fluting will make the cardboard box stronger. The purpose of the box will also guide this factor. For instance, die-cut boxes that are used for displaying products or as gift boxes will need to be stronger and thus require more fluting.

Type of product

It is important to match the type of box to the correct product type. For example, if the product is made of a fragile material like glass, you will need a box design that offers maximum protection. It should combine the use of inserts and extra padding to restrict movement and prevent friction while in transit. You can be less stringent on this with products that are less delicate like clothing and books.

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