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Mailer Boxes Safety Tips

Mailer boxes
The mailer box is a unique packaging option that is immensely popular with high-end products. It features a one-piece design with a self-locking lid that secures the contents tightly. A mailer box can reopened without causing damage to the box.  It is one of the most reusable choices of packaging.
Customize mailer boxes and incorporate branding on both the interior and exterior surfaces using colorful graphics and Litho lamination. You can incorporate all kinds of branding, writing, coloring, and imagery. This box also often incorporates the use of inserts to help stabilize products within. This often makes for an attractive presentation and a superior unboxing experience. Use beautiful mailer boxes as gift boxes, disseminating promotional materials and subscription services.
All these benefits and features of the boxes also mean that they can be an expensive choice of packaging and thus should be carefully stored when not in use. For businesses that include the mailer box in their packaging options, here are some tips to ensure they can be safely stored before use.

Avoid moisture

Ensure that the storage area for these boxes is free from any moisture. Cardboard can easily absorb liquids and result in the formation of mold and mildew. Choose a storage area that is away from taps, pipes, and any other source of moisture.

Keep off the ground

Storing your boxes off the ground will reduce the risk of exposure to moisture if there is a burst pipe or other flooding on the premises. It will also help to discourage insect activity. Insects and other pests can consume these boxes or break them down to build nests. Keeping the boxes off the ground will make it easier to detect any invasion of pests and clean the storage area.

Organize your mailer boxes according to size

Keeping your storage area organized will help make retrieval of what you need easier. Since mailer boxes can come in assorted sizes, it makes sense to arrange them accordingly so you can quickly pick out what you need, as needed.

Easy access mailer boxes

Ensure that the storage space you are using is easily accessible. This means you can easily get around locating, retrieving, or replenishing your boxes when you need to. It also means it is an easy space to keep checking on. Inspect mailer boxes to ensure that threats like moisture and insect activity.

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