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How To Pack Items for a Shipping Box

Shipping box
With more consumers now opting to shop online rather than in stores, the shipping box has become a must-have for making deliveries. The typical cardboard shipping box is ideal for this purpose as it is lightweight, affordable, and strong. It can also be easily customized for whatever size or shape of the product and incorporate branding in its design.

Given the wide variety of items that can be shipped, it is important to adhere to these rules when packing to better ensure that the items arrive at their destination in good condition.

Vary your shipping box sizes

Unless you only deal in one product and a set quantity, then chances are you will be dealing with orders that vary. This means you should invest in shipping boxes of diverse sizes that can adequately accommodate the range of orders you get. When packing the box for delivery, ensure it can accommodate the items ordered while leaving a little extra room for filler material or inserts that will keep the items more stable and secure.

Customize your shipping box

It is a waste to just use plain cardboard boxes for shipping. It does not cost much to have shipping boxes branded. Incorporating such details as the brand name, brand colors, slogans, logo, social media handles, and so on is a terrific way to connect with your target market and build brand awareness and recognition. It is a wasted opportunity to send out a shipping box with no branding at all.

Use new shipping boxes

While it can save money to reuse boxes, save that for your end client. Used boxes with even minor damage can compromise the safety of your items while in transit. The last thing you want is a tear that provides access to pests or thieves along the way, forcing you to pay for a replacement or give a refund. Stick to new boxes for your packaging demands.

Order in bulk when needed

Depending on the products you deal in, there will be times of the year when demand will rise. For instance, those that sell popular gift items like chocolates, perfumes, clothing, and electronics will often see an increase in orders during peak shopping periods like Black Friday and Christmas. During such times when you know your clients will make more orders, you should ensure you have enough boxes on hand. Be sure to reach out to your box manufacturer to have them deliver shipping boxes near me so you do not have to worry about running out and delays in fulfilling orders.

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