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Developing the Best Folding Cartons for Products

Folding Cartons
To market your product more effectively and gain a loyal customer base, it is important that you take the time to carefully contemplate on your product packaging design. If you think that folding packaging in Victoria B.C. simply means having something to house your product, then you are mistaken.

While product packaging primarily serves a protective and practical purpose, it is also a tool that helps you communicate with your target audience. Your folding cartons may seem irrelevant, but it speaks a lot about your brand, whether you are aware of it or not. A plain and boring carton may convey that the product your selling is cheap and ordinary. A customized and elegantly-designed folding carton, on the other hand, gives the message that your brand is sophisticated and unique.

Transform your average folding cartons into an effective marketing tool by answering the what, who, and how questions.

What is Your Product About?

While this may seem irrelevant since it is obvious that you know what your product is, you should look at it again from a packaging perspective. You need to know what you are selling so that you can determine the size, thickness, and other dimensions of the folding carton. Note that the nature of your product also affects your packaging decisions. For instance, food and cosmetic products have different packing requirements. If you start ordering folding cartons without taking this fact into account, you would most likely waste money.

Who are Your Consumers?

As to the “Who”, knowing your target audience will give you a lot of ideas on the color, graphic, text and overall design of your packaging carton. Popular cartoon characters, bold colors, and fun layout will work well If your customers are children. If you cater to the elderly, the texts on the packaging should be large enough to read even by those with vision problems.

How are Your Selling Your Product?

Apart from considering your product and your customers, you should also think about how you are selling your product. If you have a retail shop where you showcase your items, your packaging should catch the attention of your customers, even those who do not even plan on buying. If you are selling products online, you should create a satisfying unboxing experience for your clients as popularized by many social media influencers.

Let your custom folding cartons speak in your favor by considering the packaging design tips mentioned above. Take advantage of the customer’s inclination to choose with their eyes by creating the best packaging for your product.

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