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Disposing of Cardboard Boxes in Canada

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With online shopping having become more prevalent, the use of cardboard boxes in Canada has also grown substantially. It is not uncommon for many households to take delivery of packages several times a week. More for businesses who order their goods in wholesale boxes in Canada. This means that there is often a sizable build-up of cardboard boxes in many homes and businesses, with limited space for storing them. Here is how you can go about disposing of them before it turns into a mess.

Recycle boxes in Canada

Recycling is a great way to get rid of unwanted cardboard boxes. Every local authority will have certain rules about how you can dispose of your cardboard boxes through recycling. This can include the use of specifically coloured bins or trash bags and instructions on how to break them down.

Ensure that before you recycle, the boxes are indeed recyclable and that the bins or bags you pack them into are clean. Greasy transfer and other dirt may contaminate the boxes and make them ineligible for recycling.

If you have too large a quantity of boxes for roadside pickup, you may want to look up a local recycling center and deliver the boxes there. This disposal is often free. Remember to empty the box of other packing materials like Styrofoam, packing peanuts, labels and tape. Then flatten them before placing them in the recycling bins.


Intact cardboard boxes can often be reused for multiple purposes. You can use them to send packages or as storage for items like Christmas ornaments. If you are a D.I.Y. enthusiast, many home projects can make use of cardboard box materials. they can also make for interesting and entertaining projects for kids’ playtime and art projects.

Donate boxes in Canada

You can also donate boxes in Canada. Check local listings online and on notice boards at your local shops. There may be people looking for cardboard boxes they can use for their businesses or simply to help with moving. Even if you have limited use for cardboard boxes, you may find that others want to reuse or repurpose them.

Decompose boxes in Canada

Create compost with corrugated wholesale boxes in Canada. If you have a garden, you can add the cardboard to your compost to bulk it up. If you do not have a need for compost, your local gardening center or nursery will likely be able to make good use of your old boxes.

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