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Enhance Your Branding with Custom Labels

custom labels
Custom labels are an easily affordable tool that such businesses can use to help their products stand out in the market. They can be used to enhance the brand’s marketing, branding, and advertising efforts. They are also easily customizable to suit whatever product and complement whatever branding you already have. Here are some helpful tips you should apply when adopting them for your business.

Simple custom labels

While custom printed labels can be customized in many ways including size, shape, color, and texture, this is one of those situations where less is more. When designing your label, you need to ensure that you create a captivating design that will draw the eye of the observer. While you can technically use all the colors of the rainbow and then some, you do not want to create clutter or confusion. Keep the design nice and simple, something that will complement your branding and contain bite-sized information that a reader will be able to quickly read briefly.

Stick to your brand identity

When choosing the colors that will appear on your custom printed labels, ensure that they complement your existing branding. The color scheme should easily be identifiable with your business. You will find that people often pick items off shelves immediately because they know the brand colors of the products they usually buy. The rule of thumb is to use no more than three distinct colors on a label to avoid confusion.

Custom labels materials

Depending on your product and the conditions it will be exposed to, you need to ensure you choose the right material. For instance, if you sell a product that requires refrigeration, you will need waterproof material. Paper would not be ideal as it will absorb moisture and the ink will bleed out. Vinyl may be a better choice because it is waterproof, durable, and fade resistant.

Find a suitable printer

The quality of your custom labels will often depend on the quality of the printer you use. There are a variety of excellent quality printers at various price points to choose from. Do the research and you will find a viable choice that will fit your budget. Ensure that you research not just the cost of the printer, but also the ongoing cost of using it to produce your labels.

Test your custom printed label

Relying on your own opinion about a label can be problematic. It is advisable to test out your labels and seek feedback from multiple people before settling on a final design and beginning production. From color to font size, there are many considerations. Try to keep your design options simple and have several people rate and review them.

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