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How Small Businesses Can Save On Shipping Supplies

shipping supplies
Like any other size of enterprise, small businesses need to be able to minimize costs to maximize profit. One of the areas they can seek to make some savings is in shipping supplies. Many small businesses are thriving in the e-commerce market and thus need to invest in shipping materials that will safely get their products to their clients’ destinations. This refers to the materials and tools they use to pack products in boxes including shipping tape, plastic wrap, markers, strap dispensers, and much more. Here are some tips on how to get these items at a more affordable cost.

Talk to Carriers

There are many shipping companies to choose from. As an incentive to choose them, some will offer a range of free shipping supplies including boxes, labels, pouches, and envelopes. Look up the shipping companies that can serve your area and explore their website for information on free shipping supplies. If you cannot verify this benefit, email, call or visit their nearest retail location. They will often quickly respond and guide you on how to access such items. Avoid requesting more supplies than you need. They might end up taking up storage space you have other need for. These offers are typically ongoing so just request what you need in the short term.

Reuse Old Packaging

Chances are you receive your stock of goods in some form of shipping packaging. Some of it may be easily reusable, like filler. Form the habit of carefully opening up the boxes and salvage what materials you can for your own reuse.

Visit Neighboring Stores

Many other stores in your area are also likely to receive their stocks in shipping boxes, with materials that can also be salvaged. Many just throw away such boxes or will stack them somewhere for others to pick up for free. Target bigger stores like supermarkets who will have a larger variety and quantity of shipping materials to choose from.

Negotiate with Your Box Supplier

Many box manufacturing companies have now also expanded into the provision of shipping materials. Just like the boxes, they can even brand supplies like shipping tape and labels. You can often negotiate for better pricing on these items when you order them at the same time as your boxes. Discounts are easier to come by when you are placing an order of higher value. You can even source quotes for both boxes and supplies from multiple box manufacturers to see who can offer the best deal.

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