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Simple Guide To Reinforcing Corrugated Boxes

corrugated boxes
Corrugated boxes are popular for their lightweight nature and reusability. You can easily flatten and store them for later reuse. They also have good tensile strength which makes them a good option even when shipping heavy items over long distances. However, it is only natural to worry that something could happen along the way to compromise the corrugated box and damage or expose its contents. Here are a few ways you can easily reinforce your box and improve the chances your items will arrive safely at their destination.

Corrugated Boxes – Taping

Taping along the edges and corners of corrugated boxes is a great way to reinforce their structure. These are the areas that suffer the most pressure and are likely to be injured during transit. this reinforcement can also be helpful should the box be exposed to liquids that can weaken the cardboard. Ideally, this should be done on both the inside and outside of the box. Be sure to use a strong option like duct tape. You can even run the tape across the sides of the box severally for even more reinforcement.


You can coat your cardboard box using paper glue, resin, or epoxy. They can easily be found in hardware stores and require just a paintbrush to apply a thin coating. This coating will help make the box water-resistant. The coating can be applied severally, allowing suitable time in between each coat for the box to dry. The hardened box will not only be unable to absorb moisture but will also be stronger and more resistant to tearing.

Layering a corrugated box

Adding a layer of cardboard to the top and bottom of your corrugated box is a good way to offer better support for the contents in the box and when stacking. The bottom side is especially vulnerable as it is what bears the bulk of the weight. It is also typically made with open flaps that have to be joined when packing. These flaps do not evenly distribute weight, hence the need for an extra layer that will support this and reduce the risk they will come open.


This is a good way to strengthen the sides of the box and keep the contents stable while in transit. Businesses can have their box manufacturer customize box inserts that can suitably hold specific products in place. Another simple option would be to use spare cardboard pieces, cut them to an appropriate size and use them to line box corners. Add as many layers as you need to fill empty spaces and strengthen the corners.

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