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Little Known Things About Cardboard Shipping Boxes

cardboard shipping boxes
In packaging for shipping, cardboard boxes have secured a spot in the industry. While plastic may have been a solution, today cardboard is back and trending impressively. The boxes provide eco-friendly packaging solutions causing more and more businesses to turn to them for multiple uses. While you may have used cardboard shipping boxes in your retail business, manufacturing lines, restaurants, or other businesses, it is important you know a thing or two about these staples within the packaging industry.

Have a Variety of Uses

When you mention cardboard boxes, the first thing that comes to your mind is a courier delivery like the way Amazon does it. These boxes are used on many occasions, not necessarily for shipping products. You can find the boxes in offices and also at home being used as containers. They are utilized when people are moving from one location to another – they serve as packaging containers for their belongings.

An Eco-friendly Packaging Solution

Customers are pushing brands to consider Eco-friendly packaging solutions, a move that has seen many companies embrace the use of cardboard boxes for their shipping needs. The containers are made of recycled material varying from paper to used cardboard. When the throwaway materials are collected, they are sent to recycling plants where they are cleaned and used to manufacture corrugated cardboard. Solutions like corrugated cardboard containers help reduce the detrimental impact of the trash and waste we seen in the dust bins and other locations. Recycling the cardboard products allows packaging companies to cut back on the rate of cutting down trees since corrugated cardboards are made of recycled paper.

A sophisticated Production Process

Machines used to produce corrugated paper are quite complex. There are numerous steps that are followed in its production. For instance, Fourdrinier machines have wire mesh where the paper is originally formed while corrugators make the corrugated material. During the process, quality control is ensured to see that the end product is a quality box that is firm and steady enough to protect and securely carry the items being shipped. The paper used in making the boxes should meet various requirements, including flatness and moisture tests.

Now that you know something about cardboard boxes for shipping, it would make sense if you consider joining the wagon to become part of the environmentally-conscious business community by using these boxes.  The boxes can be printed in color or you could have them having white color.  The design features depend on your ambitions and the purpose of the boxes.

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