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How to Make Your Custom Printed Stock Boxes Stand Out

custom printed stock boxes
One of the most effective yet affordable ways of promoting a brand is custom packaging. More than ever before there is a growing need for shipping boxes. Many people now prefer to do their shopping online and have their merchandise delivered to their homes or offices. To safely transport many of these products, they must be contained in boxes.

Since boxes are necessary, additional small investment is all that is needed to personalize them and make them a great platform for reminding people about your brand. Here are a few tips on how to better exploit this opportunity and hopefully encourage more interest and sales for the business.

Choose Correctly Fitted Box Sizes

Custom printed stock boxes should be ordered in sizes that specifically match the products that will be contained within. Ensuring a customized size reduces the need for additional packing materials to keep the contents stable and secure. Too big a box and the content will likely rattle around during transit, and likely to arrive damaged.

It makes for a better presentation when received by the buyer in good condition and well packaged.  Invest in a good selection of boxes that match the specifications of your range of products.

Display Your Logo Correctly

Stock boxes with logo should be clearly visible. That means you need to carefully consider the contrast between the logo and the background of the rest of the box. Stronger color contrast means better visibility.

You also need to leave a reasonable amount of clear space around the logo. This makes it easier for the viewer to take in the entirety of the image and brand name without having to take a step back. The central placement of the logo is also pleasing to the eye though left-sided placement can also be more memorable for viewers.

Use Branded Packaging Tape

Shipping tape is often overlooked yet can do much to make your shipment more noticeable to everyone handling it or just passing by. It can be used to reinforce the memory of your brand name, or even festive to wish people happy holidays. Whatever you print on the shipping tape will naturally stand out wherever the package goes and can be a great opportunity to communicate and connect with potential buyers.

Incorporate Filler

This helps to keep your product even better secured within the box. This is particularly important with fragile and high-end items. You can use a wide array of fillers, including foam inserts, bubble wrap, Styrofoam chips, or tissue paper. This also reassures customers that you want your product to arrive at their doorstep safe and sound. It can also make for a more pleasurable unboxing experience.

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