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Tips for Reducing the Cost of Packaging Materials

packaging materials
As an increasing number of companies incorporate home deliveries in their business model, it has become necessary to invest in suitable packaging materials. Even for retailers that receive goods from manufacturers in boxes, additional packaging is usually required to be added on top to conceal the item and label it for delivery.

As packaging materials become a more frequent expense for businesses, it is ideal to identify strategies through which this cost can be kept at a minimum.

Get Customized Packaging

Ordering boxes that conform to the specifications of your products is a good idea. This reduces the waste involved with having to send oversized boxes that will require additional filler to safely contain products. Large boxes are also more expensive to ship and require more storage space. The better fitted the box is, the more economical it will be.

Order Bulk Quantities

This works best when you have a spacious and dry storage area to keep your packaging materials. Making bulk orders from manufacturers helps to secure discount deals you would otherwise not be able to get from a retailer or distributor.

If, however, you lack sufficient storage space, stick to smaller batches, and only boost your stock during peak sales periods when you know you will receive many more orders. Stocking up before these peak periods is important as the packaging manufacturers may have a backlog of orders to fill that may delay your delivery.

Opt for Lightweight Packaging

Many products can be safely contained within lightweight packaging such as cartons and envelops. More so when they are further secured with filler like peanuts and bubble wrap. The filler material is great for absorbing impact while keeping contents secure. You can even make some savings by using alternative filler materials like junk mail, paper waste, old newspapers, and old shredded clothing. Lightweight and smaller sized packaging is again much cheaper to send out for deliveries.

Shop Around for Packaging Materials

Just as in any other business you will find that different packaging solution manufacturers offer different kinds of deals on their product. Identify the selection of packaging items you require and shop around from different manufacturers. Make comparisons on the quotes you are provided with to identify the best deal.

Also, consider a manufacturer that can provide you with boxes that are biodegradable and recyclable. These options tend to not only be more affordable but also good for the environment. Your clients will appreciate your consideration for the environment and the benefit of being able to reuse the boxes for their benefit.

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