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Making A Folding Carton Stronger

folding carton
The folding carton is one of the most common types of product packaging you will find in the retail market. Though quite lightweight, rigid, and customizable, they can often be seen as less secure for heavier and more fragile items. Even with printed folding cartons that can warn of a need to handle the item carefully, damage still often occurs, calling for a need to reinforce the box. Here are ways you can better safeguard the contents of such packaging and avoid unnecessary replacement expenses for the business.

Use Inserts in Folding Carton

Inserts that are designed to conform to the shape of the contents in the box can be a big help in keeping them stabilized and less vulnerable to harm. They can also help strengthen the corners of the box, making them less likely to collapse inwards. By strengthening the box from the inside, it reduces the risk of contents becoming smashed if stacked.

Pad The Bottom

Adding an extra layer of cardboard at the bottom of the box can help offer more support for the weight above. It can also help to even out the weight on the bottom, reducing the risk that the flap coming open. If exposed to moisture, it can provide an extra barrier to penetration deeper into the box, helping to protect any contents that may be damaged from such exposure.

Tape Up the Edges

The edges of a folding carton can easily lose shape and rigidity if exposed to moisture. Taping up along these lines can help provide a barrier to such moisture penetration. It can also strengthen and help hold the shape of the box if under pressure from stacking. Always choose duct tape over masking tape as this offers better strength and protection. You can apply the tape severally along the same edges to reinforce further.

Seal The Gaps

Folding cartons tend to have at least one side that is closed using a flap. The majority of the basic designs have this as the case on the bottom and top sides. Sealing these flaps can reduce the risk of the box coming open while in transit. You can easily accomplish this by applying glue along this edge when closing. It will keep the shape of the box more rigid, and where the bottom is operable, ensure the base is better supported.

Laminate Folding Carton

Laminating printed folding cartons strengthens the structure of the box. It reduces the problem of cracks forming along folds. It also makes applying graphic designs easier and more appealing thanks to the glossy aesthetic achieved. It is also handy for protection against dirt, moisture, and other contaminants.

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