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Making Cardboard Corrugated Boxes Part Of Your Packaging Plan

cardboard corrugated boxes
Depending on the array of products that your business offers, you will find that there are many types of packaging to take advantage of. One of the most versatile and popularly sought after are cardboard corrugated boxes. They possess qualities that make them well suited for a variety of products and uses. That’s why businesses should make them an integral part of their packaging solutions.


Corrugated cardboard offers a thick layer of protection for products stored inside. When properly fitted, they provide a safety cushion that can withstand impact well. This means products can often be safely shipped across long distances with little worry they will be harmed, even with a little careless handling.


Corrugated boxes can sometimes seem bulky, especially when made with more flutes. They are however quite lightweight yet sturdy. This quality makes them ideal for shipping as they do not add much significant cost. Even customers that shop at brick and mortar stores appreciate not being burdened by heavy boxes. The boxes manage to safeguard contents without adding weight that would make it more difficult to carry.


Businesses can order these boxes in a variety of styles. You can easily find a corrugated packaging company that offers over a hundred standard sizes and can work on a variety of configurations and dimensions on order. They can also be customized in terms of thickness. Businesses can also support branding efforts by considering what kind of writing, coloring, and graphic designs to incorporate. The flexibility in design is also good for ensuring you can develop packaging suited to the particular product being stored.

Cost Savings

Cardboard boxes are quite cheap to manufacture and purchase. For businesses that tend to need bulk quantities to meet customer demands, the cost savings are much deeper. Manufacturers will typically offer more discounts, the larger the order. With many boxes being made with recycled materials, the production costs are lower. This is as compared to when a corrugated packaging company has to source for fresh wood and paper products to make the cardboard. This makes cardboard corrugated boxes a relatively inexpensive yet highly beneficial resource.


Consumers and businesses have become more conscious of how their actions are affecting the environment. Packaging materials that do not degrade can be a source of pollution. Cardboard corrugated boxes are however different in their ability to biodegrade easily without leaving a toxic residue. They can even be recycled to make new boxes, providing a good source of raw materials for new products.

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