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Opt for a Green Packaging Company

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When shopping around for a supplier of packaging for your products, you will likely encounter a very wide field of potential box manufacturers. But not all manufacturers are made equal. Going for a green packaging company is ideal for several key reasons.

Carbon Footprint

By sourcing your packaging from a company that uses sustainable resources or recycled materials, you are ensuring that you do not contribute to the depletion of the limited natural resources we already have. This means you leave a lower carbon footprint which is good for the environment and us all.


It also means that whatever packaging you end up using for your products, will be decomposed or can be recycled. These are qualities that even consumers appreciate. No one likes to throw away packaging they know will probably end up in a landfill for generations. This is especially important to younger generations that have grown more conscious of how their buying decisions will affect the environment. Many are inclined to be loyal to businesses that share the same values.

Sustainable Reuse and Recycling

Cardboard boxes made by a packaging company can be easily reused and recycled multiple times. Many end-user customers appreciate receiving their products in these boxes. They will often save them for some later reuse if not damaged. If they do become damaged, they are then sent for recycling, sometimes getting some money for this action. The recycled boxes then go into making new ones. A process that is sustainable and reduces carbon footprint.

Cost Savings

Many green packaging companies in Canada can offer their products at a much lower cost than their competitors. This is because they use recycled materials that are also already partially processed and can be more easily and quickly turned into new packaging products. This is a great cost-benefit to their customers who get to spend less on this expense. Not to mention the lightweight nature of paper-based packaging materials. it means lower shipping costs without having to sacrifice tensile strength or protection.

Reduced Plastic Waste

In many cases, paper packaging can often make a good substitute for plastic packaging. Making this switch can be great for environmental conservation efforts. Plastics that find their way into landfills and oceans are made with petrochemicals that can be very harmful to human, animal, and plant life. Plastics also utilize a lot of energy during their manufacturing process, which is another cost to the environment.

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