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Prevent Damage By Using Corrugated Box Partitions

Corrugated Box Partitions
If your business involves selling fragile products like drinks in glass bottles and Christmas baubles, then you will need packaging that can better ensure they arrive at their destination in one piece. Packaging like corrugated box partitions is necessary for such products as they can allow them to be safely transported even over long distances to end-user customers. Here is why you should add this kind of packaging to your shipping box design.

Corrugated box partitions protection

Many fragile items like glass bottles are often shipped in multiple quantities. It can be dangerous to place glass bottles right next to each other and ship as they can hit each other and end up shattering and breaking open. Not only will this create a mess, but it might also require the seller to compensate the customer for the damaged delivery or send another shipment at their cost.

Corrugated box dividers help to protect fragile items from injury, by safely separating them from others and providing a cushioning effect so that even if they are rattled, the items come to no harm. They are a better option than even wrapping the bottles individually. You can rest assured that the items will arrive at their destination intact and clean. Items that are just piled in a box look untidy and can end up rolling around the bottom of the box and get dirty.


Just like many cardboard boxes, corrugated box partitions are made of the same material and are therefore highly durable this means that even after taking delivery of the items, you can reuse the same dividers for storage or even arts and crafts as they retain their rigid design well. Being made of cardboard, they can also be easily recycled, especially as they are rarely branded or laminated. They can be easily used for the production of new corrugated boxes and dividers.

Corrugated box dividers affordability

Corrugated box dividers are just as affordable as corrugated shipping boxes. They are also often cheaper than other options for inserts in boxes like foam inserts. Chances are if you buy them from the same provider as your corrugated boxes, the larger order may qualify you for a bigger discount, making it, even more, cost-effective.

Corrugated box partitions organization

Using dividers when shipping multiple items helps with better organization as each item is separated into its own even section. It makes for a neater presentation and a more satisfactory unboxing experience for the customer. They will likely be impressed with your brand and given the more positive experience, will be more inclined to recommend your brand or make additional purchases from you.

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