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Why Send Documents In Shipping Tubes

shipping tubes
When you need to send documents, there is often concern that they might be damaged in transit which is the reason shipping tubes are considered the safest option. Important documents being torn or ending up wet are a reasonable worry when you watch some shocking shipping videos on social video that show many instances of mishandling and carelessness along the way. These incidents have made it less desirable to simply place documents in envelopes and send them on their way. Here is why you should consider fiber tubes for your shipping needs.

No Bending

While folding paper may not seem such a big deal, it can make documents look unkempt. If the documents are important enough, folding may even interfere with the legibility of the text along which the fold has been made. This is why people prefer to use envelopes that are large enough to keep the documents flat.

However, if the envelope is thin, there is a chance the documents could be folded anyway. Storing the documents in a tube can help ensure the papers are never folded and can be easily flattened when extracted.


Shipping tubes have a rigid design thanks to the cardboard material that is used in their construction. They can be designed to be water-resistant, meaning that even if exposed to moisture, the contents can remain dry and safe. Their design also means the tubes can absorb shocks well during transit. So even if the tube is dropped or subjected to rough handling during transport, the documents will still arrive at their destination in good condition.


Documents that are packaged in a tube give the impression that they are important and extra care is being given by the business that packaged them. This reflects positively on the business and can even promote their brand if the tubes have been customized with branding information.

Shopping Cost Savings

The shipping costs for tubes can be less than that of traditional options like envelopes or boxes. It is especially true of items that may be too long to fit in a box but are also quite narrow. Because shipping companies consider the dimensions of a package and weight, you may find with smaller dimensions, a tube could be cheaper than other options.

Reuse and Recycling

These tubes are made using cardboard material that is durable and therefore makes it possible to reuse them multiple times before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. When it finally becomes unusable, the material remains eco-friendly and capable of being recycled.

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