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Storage Tips for Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes
Thanks to online shopping and gift giving on the holidays, people now often find themselves with a sizeable stock of cardboard boxes. If there is no or minimal damage to the box, you can reuse them. However, when set up, even lightweight boxes can take up a large space. Here are a few tips on how best to store your boxes so they do not take up much space and can safely be reused when the time comes.

Empty and clean the cardboard boxes

Before you put any items into storage, you need to empty and clean them. Unpack the box entirely and tap it while facing upside down to remove any dust. Do not use any water or wet cloth to wipe it down. Cardboard material will absorb moisture which can disrupt its structural integrity. Carefully remove any extra packing material like tape as well. If the box is already damaged you can simply dispose of it or recycle it.

Flatten the cardboard box

Opening up the cardboard box completely and flattening it is the best way to save space on storage. You can easily flatten and pile the boxes. Given how lightweight cardboard material is, even piling them very high should not pose a danger. You can easily do so on a high shelf.

Find a dry storage space for your cardboard boxes

Your cardboard boxes need a dry space for storage. If exposed to moisture, not only will they weaken, they can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This space should be ideally off the ground to avoid the risk that a water leak will get to the boxes. Basements are not recommended as they often have damp air that can contaminate boxes.

Remove insects from the cardboard box

Insect and rodent activity can also interfere with the storage of boxes. Many can feed on the material or break it down to use for nesting. This can be problematic in both homes and businesses as insects and rodents can grow in numbers, causing damage to property and a health hazard.

Make the cardboard box accessible

When storing your boxes, you should ideally organize them by size. It will make it easy to identify and retrieve the size of box you want at any given time. Also, ensure that whatever space in which you store them is easily accessible. This will make retrieval easy and allow you to comfortably inspect them regularly. It is important to keep an eye on your stored boxes in case there is water damage or insect infestation. Detecting such problems early may allow you to salvage most of the boxes before they become too damaged to be reused.

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