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Fiber Dividers Protect Tiny Products Easily

fiber dividers
Box dividers can be a helpful addition to your business’s packaging. You can use them to better organize items within the box and protect them from banging into each other by separating them into mini compartments. The latter benefit is especially helpful when you are packaging fragile items that can easily break if they hit each other, as with wine bottles and glasses.

They can be made from various materials. Fiber dividers are the most popular option as they produce minimal dust, are recyclable, and provide good cushioning. Here are some of the sectors where businesses should consider incorporating them.

Fiber Dividers for Beverages

Businesses that sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in glass bottles can benefit from the use of a divider. They can be placed inside cardboard boxes or plastic crates to separate the bottles. This separation ensures the bottles do not bang into or scrape up against each other and remain stable. They provide extra reinforcement and protection that ensures the bottles can more safely arrive at whatever destination they are being shipped to.

Dividers Protect Food

Certain foods benefit from the use of dividers in a box. They can help to separate different food items like a partitioned lunch box. Most people prefer this separation to easily distinguish the foods and keep items that are of different consistency separate.

They can also be used to improve the presentation of food in a box. It is said that people eat with their eyes before they eat with their mouths. Presentation matters, so it is important to ensure the contents in a box are kept stable and in their own section. More so with high-end items like luxury chocolates. Use fiber dividers to keep foods organized. Without this separation, the food may end up squished on one end, especially if the container is being carried from one place to another.

Subscription Boxes

Businesses that offer subscription boxes will often send out packs of multiple items to their subscribers regularly. The items are usually sample-sized. It makes for a better presentation when the items can be arranged separately. Allowing them to get all jumbled up during transit makes for a less than enjoyable unboxing experience. If some of the items are made of hard material and others soft, you also run the risk that damage could happen as the items bang into each other along the way. Separating the items will ensure they arrive at their destination safely.

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