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Why Cardboard Packaging Solutions Are The Best Option

cardboard packaging solutions
Whether it is for shipping purposes or to make individual packing for items to be shelved, cardboard is an often seen material. It is, however, not the only option in the market. When it comes to shipping cargo, you will find that wood and plastic cases are also often used. They are made into crates and cases, while wood is also used to build pallets. Here we will look at why cardboard packaging solutions should be a top consideration for anyone shipping cargo.


Cardboard packaging boxes are highly affordable to make. Not much labor or specialized machinery is needed to produce them. They can even be made of recycled material. Manufacturers can create boxes of whatever configuration quickly and ship them to clients. Their lightweight design also makes this shipping affordable as the transport cost is often pegged on weight. For the clients that receive these boxes and package their products within, the cost savings are passed on to their customers when they make orders for delivery. It is also noteworthy that established manufacturers will also often offer deep discounts on bulk purchases. This is another cost-saving that can be passed on to the end-user client.


Box makers can customize designs to whatever designs and dimensions their clients want. Packing your orders into boxes with a good fit is important for safety. You do not want too big a space that allows items to knock against each other and the walls of the box when roughly handled during transit. Too tight and it may become difficult to seal the box and cause damage. Their appearance can also be tailored to feature company logos, colors, and name. This branding can offer a boost to your marketing efforts and make your business more recognizable.

Stable Material

Corrugated cardboard material is not just lightweight. It is also quite strong and firm. It offers good support for even the most delicate of products. Its three-layer construction absorbs impact well, helping to better protect the contents within. These layers also guard well against damage from perforations thanks to the thickness created.


Compared to wooden crates and pallets, and plastic cases, cardboard packaging boxes make use of much less natural resources. This is in terms of both raw materials used in construction when compared to wood, and energy sources expended in manufacturing. Cardboard is also easily biodegradable and can be easily reused and recycled if not contaminated by chemical inks and bleaching.

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