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Why Corrugated Carton Is Better For Food Packaging

corrugated carton
When it comes to food packaging, safety is a key consideration. Because the products are ingested by humans, no business in the industry would want to risk packaging that would contaminate and lead to sickness. Corrugated cartons are a top choice in the packing and delivery of food products for several good reasons.


During the manufacturing process of a corrugated carton, the raw material is exposed to temperatures as high as 100° several times. This process ensures that all bacteria and microbes are destroyed, providing sterile packaging that can be relied upon to be safe for carrying food products. Bacteria and microbes are a risk of contaminating food and causing sickness. They can also impact the shelf life of certain products, causing them to spoil faster.


Corrugated cartons have fluting that provides added cushioning for food products. Many food items, like fruit and baked goods, can easily be damaged during handling and transit. besides disfiguring the food items, this can also lead to breaks in protective barriers that can more easily expose the food items to contamination. With the right packaging, there is less risk that food items will become injured and better chances they will arrive at their destination intact.


Some food products do require packaging that allows for ventilation. Dry food products like cereals and dried fruits may be well-sealed in packaging like plastic without a problem. Other foods like baked and grilled foods will however release moisture when cooling that can drip back into food in closed containers. Packaging that allows for this moisture to be released can help to better preserve the contents. This is why you often see freshly baked goods being placed in boxes for delivery.

Long Delivery

Fresh foods that need to be delivered over long distances should also be packaged in a corrugated carton. This option is ideal thanks to the materials strong build that can better endure long and rough journeys. Many fresh produce items that come from remotely located farms and countries are typically packaged this way to improve the likelihood of them arriving at their end market in good condition.

Moisture Protection

Corrugated boxes have extra layers that make it difficult for moisture to penetrate through to the contents. This is helpful in wet weather conditions and any other situation where there is a chance of exposure to moisture. If moisture is allowed to get to the food, it can cause it to become contaminated and spoil.

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