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Why Shoppers Appreciate Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Cardboard Shipping Boxes
Cardboard shipping boxes have become the norm for delivering parcels around the world. All kinds of items are packed away inside them and sent out to be delivered to shoppers. This trend has grown exponentially over the pandemic period due to restrictions that have made it easier to simply shop online and have items delivered to your doorstep or office. And it is an option that is appreciated by shoppers. Here is why.

Better Protection

Cardboard shipping boxes are quite lightweight but still manage to provide excellent protection for whatever contents are inside. Even heavy and fragile items packed in large shipping boxes are still kept secure throughout transit. This ability to preserve the contents of a box, whether small, light, heavy, or bulky reassures shoppers that the seller has invested in quality packaging that will ensure their items arrive safely. And it comes at a much lower cost than other box options. This means great value for money when choosing this packaging and a lower cost of packaging that is passed on to the seller.


Many items are bought even amid the worst weather conditions. The heat could be sweltering or snowstorms could be raging. Either way, people will want their items delivered. And while the postman will do his best, it is a big help when packages are inside cardboard boxes. This material can easily survive harsh weather. Cardboard is a good insulator that helps maintain a more consistent temperature inside the box. This regulation helps to preserve more fragile items. While cardboard is by no means indestructible, it is a material that is better than most other options in ensuring safety for contents.

Rough Handling

Cardboard is also ideal for bearing under rough handling. Many items are shipped over long distances and will pass through multiple handlers. When shipping items, you need to ensure the packaging used can endure the bumpy roads and rough handling that may occur along the way. We have all seen the videos of frustrated delivery men throwing packages onto porches. Most tend to survive this handling thanks to the quality packaging used.

Unboxing Experience

Shoppers enjoy opening a box, even if it is of something they ordered, and therefore know the contents. There is a certain pleasure derived from the unboxing experience that has inspired many content makers to record videos and post them online to great fanfare. Even for those that do not make such videos, there is a certain joy in receiving an undamaged product.

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