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Calgary: 1-800-482-6173

Edmonton: 1-800-661-9949

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Address Labels

Make your mailing project convenient and easy with Instabox. When you need to send mail and packages to multiple destinations, the fast way to send them on their way is by printing their address on address labels. Just click print, and the address of each recipient is on each individual label. Since each label is backed with adhesive, just peel and stick onto the envelope or package and voila, it’s ready for shipment.

Keep it professional and clean. Choose fonts that are simple and easy to read. Keep the font type and size consistent. Choose white bright blank labels for a sharp clear print. With inkjet or laser printer labels, the ink will not run or smear. They are smudge free.

Note that it’s not limited to the addressee. Print the sender’s address for a quick way to create a return address label. Also special mailing instructions can be placed on each parcel. With blank labels, print messages such as Media Mail, International Mail, Fragile and more. Hazardous or dangerous goods labels must stand out for the postmaster to see. For a message that requires more attention, choose bright colors, bold fonts or unique labels such as a triangle or circle shape.

Go one step further by printing a scannable barcode onto each blank label. Keep track of outgoing mail by incorporating barcodes to your maling project. Know your current inventory. Know the contents of each box, or envelope. Know the recipient’s address and date of mailing. With a large mailing list, distribution list, subscriber list etc., incorporate a bar code with your mailing project to save time.

Get creative to advertise. Customize your print with graphics. Highlight what your company specializes in with graphics. Include borders or specialize fonts. Use special templates or create your own template to increase product awareness.

A mailing label is easy to print and easy to apply. Laser printer labels will not jam in the paper tray. The print is clear and sharp. The print is smudge free. Also use it for special mailing instructions or barcodes. For your next mailing project, keep it simple, easy, and save time.

Contact Instabox for more information on packaging labels, box labels, product labels, blank labels or any kind of labels you might need.


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